Tribute page - The Moon - Feedback welcome!


Just finished my tribute page:

I am very open to feedback - thanks!


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Try removing the two col-xs-6 classes in the first section (and replace the col-md with col-sm) so it’s responsive.

On codepen, add target="_blank" to your links.

Hi Kevcomedia,

Why would I remove the col-xs-6 classes in the first section? I thought by stacking those classes is what made divs responsive.

And why would I add the target="_blank" to my links? Is it because in Codepen, the links then open inside the Codepen frame? (which does look lame)


Not quite. See, you set it so in medium screens and in extra-small screens, so both columns take up half of the width in both of these cases, which is not really responsive, If you removed the col-xs classes, it will default to the columns taking up the full with of their container in xs-screens, and only start spanning half the width when the screen is at least medium-sized.

Try it. Then resize the window to see the effect. :slight_smile:

There are times when the page linked to doesn’t show up at all. It’s better to play safe.

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