Tribute Page - The Trees - Feedback Please

I would appreciate feedback on my Tribute Page project. I started about a year ago, stopped too quickly, and recently came back. Originally, I had started making the project with bootstrap, but since coming back to FCC, I’ve gone for a simpler approach of just HTML/CSS. I had forgotten the little bootstrap that I had learned last year on FCC and found that it had changed and that bootstrap wasn’t part of the HTML/CSS curriculum anymore, so figured I would ditch it in this project. I might come back to this project later and add CSS Flexbox and/or Grid stuff that I have yet to get to, but for now, this is where I’m at:


Good work! In my opinion the separators may be more visible (bigger, darker, or something) and I would add some space under the title. Oh, and the video it’s not working anymore!

Keep going!


Thanks for your input Martin! I wonder why it’s not showing the space below the title and the video isn’t working for you? On my computer, there is space below the title, the font loads, and the video works. On my phone there isn’t space, maybe because the font doesn’t load, but the video does work there. Maybe if I try using a different font or importing one it will work on all/more devices… I’m clueless about the video.