Tribute Page: Thomas Edison

Greetings Campers!!

I think I have mostly completed my tribute page. I was trying to get too carried away initially and felt I was in a little over my head. I took a step back and just made a simple page. Looking forward to any feedback you may have.

Project link -

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Nice page i like it. Good Job! :+1:

Hey nice work :thumbsup: ! Let me leave two points:

  • Your links could use a different color. The blue text color is hard to read against the teal background.
  • The page sort of breaks down on smaller screens.

    This is due to the body's 60px margin on all sides. You may want to specify the margin just for the top, so instead of margin: 60px, consider using margin-top: 60px; instead.

Thanks! I knew the smaller screen issue was happening, but wasn’t sure why.