Tribute Page - Thomas Paine

Please, any critiques to my first project will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

See the Pen Thomas Paine Tribute by Bobby (@bchingas) on CodePen.

Hi Bobby,
I’m using Chrome on iOS. The photo and title information overlap, is that what you want? It may be because you don’t have “col-xs-3” (or whatever number) for that part. If you are trying for responsive, then I wouldn’t set the font size (and so on) with numbers.

If you want to control everything exactly, then leave out the bootstrap grid entirely.

Thank you!
No, that is not what i meant. I’m not sure what i did wrong. I do have “col-md-3” for the image, and “col-md-6” for the titles. I’ll look into the font size without numbers.


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