Tribute page: Thresh - The Chain Warden

Hi programmers,

I’m Ulzahk and today I finish my tribute page, so I’m looking for some feedback to improve it.

If you were so kindly to help me, please check it out in this link:

Thank you and I wish you a superb day.

Wow I can say that you did a good job with design. I just have one comment about the images hover state. the gray color would overlap the colors feature of the skins(which I think is a crucial feature). even if you see the last two skins I think , they have the same skin except for the colors. So deleting the gray hover state would be better in my opinion.

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Excellent your recommendation Golker. I already made the change, and you’re right, It’s better without the gray filter.

Thank you and have a great day.

I recommend adding a shadow to the images in the hover state, this will give similar function of the gray filter without the negative effect of it.