Tribute page: timeline is required?

Hey guys! I’ve got a simple question regarding tribute page and maybe any project from fcc.

I made my tribute page about Cliff Burton on my hard drive but before uploading I have a doubt, I was checking other tribute pages from community and I see that almost every page has a timeline, is that a requeriment??

I had followed all users stories and it pass the test, but I didn’t structure the page as a timeline instead I made 4 sections with it’s own title and info:
early years, metallica era, his death and the last one “legacy”. I should re make my page as an ordered timeline year by year or I’m good with these 4 sections? Content is ordered chronological anyway!

And for any project I should follow strictly the linked demo or just with users stories I’m good?
Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

The user stories are all that’s required. But if you do only do the user stories and nothing else, your page probably won’t look like how you want it, and you won’t have learned much.

You can use the demo as a guide, but do the coding yourself, and give it your own style.

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There is no requirement for a timeline. At the bare minimum, you need to meet the user stories. Presumably you should also make it look decent. Everything else is extra work.

I would caution about going overboard and trying to make the pages “perfect” especially in the beginning.

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Thanks kevin and cherylm for your fast replies! I’m trying to make it simple but was concerned about this timeline, this musician have a very short timeline sadly.

Thanks all I will post the link later!