Tribute Page To a Future Date

My tribute page project is a tribute to an event that has yet to happen.
It is in the near future.

See here:

Check your spelling :wink:

I would say, “Good luck with that!”

But of course there’s not going to be any luck involved. :wink:

Living in New Zealand, I’m unfamiliar with the organisation involved. So I guess there’s some significance in that particular shade of red. But there’s an awful darned lot of it. Does PC have a palette with some other shades? I’d consider finding a contrasting shade and using that for the background. (FWIW, JMHO!)

Or, maybe you’re foreseeing a “red letter day”! That would certainly explain your colour choices.

Thank you! I’ve fixed this error!

I chose the red because I was trying to match the color in the picture. Perhaps that was a bad design choice. I’ve always been good at technical stuff but not so great at the creative side. Thank you for the feedback, I will take it into serious consideration.

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