Tribute page to Abraham Lincoln- Please give feedback

Here is my tribute page:
Please check it out and let me know what you think.
I wanted to make something cool…but then I started getting frustrated.
I decided to simply treat it as an exercise to practice what I have learned so far, didn’t want to run the risk of giving up on it.
I learned a lot and feel happy to have made my first web page.
I know that it is far from perfect/ ideal.
All feedback is welcome. I always appreciate the opportunity to grow and learn from others. Thanks in advance.

Good job, here are a few thoughts.

  1. I would give things a little more breathing room, add some padding, e.g. to the lists.
  2. Speaking of the lists, i would give them a class and remove the ids, then you only need to style one class and it will keep your css dry (don’t repeat yourself).
  3. Be mindful of image sizes and using the correct format whenever possible, saving the images in JPEG at a reasonable compression would save a lot of bandwidth/space.

Hi contjoseph,

Nice job with the tribute page. I’d recommend you add padding to your text so it isn’t on the edge of the screen.

Also have a go at styling your link to Wikipedia and your sources so the colours fit in with the rest of your text.

Keep up the good work.