Tribute page to Alan Watts!

Here it is! Took me about 3 days or so! Put I am really proud of it!
Hope everyone likes it!

  • Font is way too big
  • Lines are way too wide (research about the optimal width of text for humans to read, it’s basically the width of a newspaper column)
  • Your code is very messy, tidy it up and learn about max chars per line of code
  <LI class= "fade-in3"> Alan Wilson Watts was born in Chislehurst, England, on January 6, 1915.</LI>
  • There no html element with a capital LI, get rid of the space betwen the = and the first quote of the class name.
  • Your animations are a bit slow. Read this -
  • Don’t use html elements for styling, that’s what classes are for
  • Try and add more styling to the page and make it look better, it will help you learn

Great work so far, very impressed you are using CSS animation and that you are NOT using libraries like bootstrap. Vanilla code is the way to go when learning.

I will go in and fix those issues! Thank you for the feedback! @borisyordanov

You’re welcome, good luck!