Tribute page to Elon Musk

Hi everyone. I finished the first project and was wanting to get some feedback if you don’t mind taking a quick look.
It’s fairly simple and follows closely the example. What do you think?

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Very well done my friend, The links to wikipedia and the social media are a very good idea.

check mine if you have some time, I just finished it too.

Thanks. Doing a tribute page for a style of music is an interesting idea. Full marks for thinking outside the box. I like how you integrated Soundcloud into your site.
My only criticism would have to be the divs that contain all your info don’t seem to be of a consistent width and the spacing between them isn’t consistent either for some reason. I went to inspect and it showed in the box model that some content has slightly different dimensions and some have a few pixels of padding, whereas others do not. I’m not sure how to fix it (if that’s what you want to do), as I’m still learning and don’t know enough about this sort of thing.
Overall though, I like what you did. Maybe if there are some designers here they could give us their advice. Design is something I’d like to learn more about.