Tribute Page to Genius Nikola Tesla

Here is my tribute page to Nikola Tesla, feedback would be appreciated
tribute page

Pretty Good! I cant find any real fault in it. My only suggestion would involve the “Nikola Tesla” overlay on the picture, when you shrink your browser window it gets aligned oddly. But In my opinion trying to center that responsively relative to the image, is a little advanced for this challenge.

I was puzzling over how to position that name for a while, and the best I could do while maintaining the way the page worked (without using more advanced techniques or media queries) was with something like this

            height: 100%;
            box-shadow:  0 4px 2px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);


.caption {
    		position: absolute;
    		margin:-30% 35%;

but that’s not so good either.

In any case,
I award you full marks! an A for you!

Thanks a lot for your feedback @JashuHB it meant a lot to me, I’ve been absent, battling with challenges…on coding ofcourse so couldn’t respond earlier…

Here is my portfolio page freecodecamp portfolio hoping you could help me scrutinize it…Some functionalities stopped working on codepen like the bootstrap scrollspy and the .affix functionality so I had to manually fixed the positions… and the thing with my left sidebar(the image holder) I had to strongly type the width…the position:fixed was messing with the dimension

This is where I’m not of much help, I never went far with bootstrap, as a css/html/javascript framework it’s got some advanced features that I haven’t learned yet but for the basic positioning and responsiveness I prefer CSS flexbox by a lot (not that I have a ton of experience to go on).

Be sure to post a thread for your portfolio feedback if you havent already.
As it stands it’s not looking bad, just the picture disappearing but being slightly visible behind an element when you resize the window and scroll is a bit odd. Other than that its pretty good for a first run.

I myself originally did a portfolio that barely met the requirements because I decided to get further through the front end stuff then circle back around to it with more advanced techniques.

Good luck!