Tribute Page to Ironman Project

It took me a while and I struggled a lot but I finished my tribute page to Ironman. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you!

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Looks ok. Good job on the “material” looking sections. You don’t link to Segoe UI. I don’t have it never heard of it so I’m seeing Arial I guess. I don’t watch many marvel movies outside of “Spiderman” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”. So, while the career info is news to me it reads like a plot summary. What if you treated the movies where these things happen like “historical chronicles” in the style of “Galaxy Quest” and cite them maybe one <p> per citation. See if it doesn’t come out sounding more “biographical”. Up to you.

Line 92 in the html seems to contain a funky link. Other than that it looks good! Good job :+1:

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Nice, man! you did a great job on the spacing and shading.
Maybe get a font that matches Iron Man a bit better for your text and maybe add a little more color to your blank backgrounds.


everything is great but it would look better imo if you get rid of the text decoration of hyperlinks, maybe give them some other style rather than default.

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@RadDevDad Good catch! I fixed up the link. Thank you.

@ConnerOw1115 The ironman font and color is a great idea! I’m looking for a good ironman font but can’t seem to find a good free source.

@mayankverma I got rid of the hyperlink decoration and it does look better! Thanks for the feedback.

Try using google fonts.

Share Tech Mono is pretty cool.
Aviano Future and Future Kill are also pretty cool.

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