Tribute Page to J.R.R Tolkien

Hello everybody :wink:

Iโ€™ve just finished my tribute page to J.R.R Tolkien.

Please , give me yours critics, suggestions and feedback on this project.
It was hard to find a good layout, but after many change in html and css here is the result.
I hope you enjoy :wink:
I thank you in advance and keep coding :wink:



I love it. I like the picture animation with the black & white / color. I would begin with black and white. Also, lighten up the edges of the body.


Hi b3u :wink:

I thank you for you comment :wink:
Yes indeed it was hard to known which one to place in first. For the moment i let it in place, iโ€™m afraid that the result be sad with the sepia color in first. I have more color like this, i think.

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Good point. My thought was that the color scheme would be constant throughout the page, until the attention is focused on the picture. BTW, what does Turwaithion mean?

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Turwaithion means Nicolas in Sindarin (language that Tolkien invented for his novels).

For the color, i think you have right :wink: Anyway there is the small gallery that adds some color.

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Whoa man. Great job. I really enjoyed this, it has really nice vibe! You have great taste :ok_hand:


You need to adjust your media queries a bit more, because when the device width is between 1201px and 1507px, the main-title and img have zero space between each other.

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Hi :wink: i thank you both for your feedback :slight_smile:

@RandellDawson , itโ€™s fixed. Not perfect but watchable for now ^^ I will improve my code later.
@DaniloNovakovic, So happy you enjoy it :wink:

Hello, I like your work, but I suggest that you can improve the img slide (the one in bottom), it would nicer if you can decide go forward or back in your own as well, and not ONLY open new tab in wiki.
Also I feel like if the title is bigger a bit more it would stand out more.

Hi @tom9 :wink:
thank you for your feedback. For the img slide, itโ€™s intentional there are no controls. I did it with only html and css. Adding controls is one of my next projects. For the title i take note of your proposal because iโ€™m currently working on a other project (indeed now that you said it, bigger would be better)