Tribute Page to Kitty

Hi folks!

Here’s my Tribute Page to Kitty.
I’m a new camper so any feedback is apreciated.


Hi, @StarLord3000. This is cute :smile:
Here are some points:

I find the gray background color of “A Tribute To” awkward. I’d remove the its bg-success class and let it have the same background color.

The buttons links at the bottom are too wide. Removing the btn-block classes will achieve this effect:

Try playing around with Bootstrap’s grid system. I placed the picture and the text in columns and looks like this:

This is part of the code
<div class="row">
  <!-- You can change these numbers, as long as they don't exceed 12. Try playing around. -->
  <div class="col-sm-4">
    <!-- image -->
  <div class="col-sm-8">
    <!-- text -->

With that same code this is what it looks like on small sceens:

I also noticed that you used <h3> for your text. The <h*> tags are meant to be used as headings (like article titles, etc.). Use <p> instead. Yes the text is small, but can give it the lead class to enlarge the text (or give it your own CSS).

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Hi, Kev!

Thanx for the cute :smile:!

Yes, you’re right on all points. It’d look much tidier and more minimal like it was meant to be. I will make those changes.

Thanx 4 for taking the time 2 review my pen, very much appreciated!!!:vulcan:

It’s much better now that changes are made, but now there is white space bellow “Chewie” link, when full page. Any suggestions?

You can add this in the CSS

body {
  background-color: #ff9cc5; /* still the same pink color */

I noticed that you used inline styles to make the <div> pink. It’s not really a good idea to use inline styles; use the HTML to structure your content and the CSS to style it.

And since the <body> is now pink, you can safely remove the <div>'s background color (they are transparent by default).

Ah, yeah… CSS. Thanx, budd!:wink: