Tribute Page To Nietzsche (with a technical question)

So here is my tribute page! I welcome any and all critiques.

Now my question: is it possible to change the a:link selector’s property color using Bootstrap?

I have tried mightily. I played around with placing the id and class attributes in different tags to see the effects. Then I tried to increase the specificity. Then I looked online and it seems like it can be done, but when I follow the advice it fails.

The curious thing is that when I look on the console on the Debug page, it shows the Bootstrap default is struck out and the color I want is being applied, yet it does not come out as such.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

First off, nice tribute! I like the way you categorized his biography. The colors are a bit harsh, though, and a person who’s got red colorblindness isn’t going to be able to read the text on your page well, if at all.

I was able to change the color property using CSS

a:link {
  color: steelblue;

@PortableStick Thanks for the review! I took what you said into account and changed the colors I used. I knew there was something off about it, but couldn’t quite place it. The new design won’t be winning awards, but it is less stressful on the eye (I hope!). I will try your code next. Thanks again!

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