Tribute Page to Nikola Tesla

Tip: Use a large resolution Image to make it easier on yourself. Used a 500x500 pic and could not get img-responsive to work.

Looks good, responsive too. Some typos I noticed
"1934 - Particle Beam Reaserch publicized by The New York Times"
“1886 - Tesla Electic”
"1887 - Expirentation "
but that’s all.

I was thinking about doing a tesla tribute too. Seems I’m the only one that misunderstood the challenge the first time around and just tried to duplicate the Borlaug page without looking at its code :stuck_out_tongue:

I learned from a pbs special that my great great (etc) Grandfather previously owned the elephant that was electrocuted in the AC/DC war. the more you know.

Good Luck!