Tribute Page to Paco de Lucia

Hi there! here is my Tribute page.
I started out with a lot of fancy ideas with the hope of figuring out how to put it all in code and learn from it. Things got quite complicated though, because I lack the knowledge and experience to structure the code properly, other than the very basics witch is what I have covered so far. I decided to keep it simple and it went much better, can’t wait to continue on for more complex projects.
Let me know what you think, your opinion is much appreciated.


Woah Benji, I love it. The design looks great
I’m a begginer as well (barely starting the third project of the first cert) so if you need a coding buddy I’ll be around :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, it’d be nice for sure to share some ideas.
Best of luck bud!

Wow, looks great! I did mine on Fernando Sor - I’m almost embarrased to show it after seeing yours. LOL

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Thanks! Yours looks great too though, you gave it more of an old school look, which I would’ve liked to have on mine.

nice .looks good .keep on

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Yep, his published music from that time had that kind of look, tried to give it that vibe and resist the temptation to do too much. Some of my front-end-library projects took WAY too long because I obsessed over detail. (I actually did the responsive projects last).

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Just some grammar issues I noticed that could be fixed. Your footer: “A Free Code Camp Proect crated by”

I think you meant to say: “A Free Code Camp Project created by”

Nicely done otherwise!

Your page looks good @benji-lundgren. Some things you may want to revisit;

  • On using codepen. codepen only expects the code you’d put within the <body> </body> tags in HTML. (No need to include the body tags). For anything you want to add to <head> click on the ‘Settings’ button, then HTML and add it into the ‘Stuff for <head>’ box.
    • The link to your font would go in the box labeled ‘Stuff for <head>’
      • I mention the above because there’s only a partial boilerplate and parts are incorrect. The <footer> element belongs within the <body>
      • You may have the recoleta font loaded on your machine. I do not so I don’t see your page the way you’d like. You need to either link or import the font. Also, you should specify a fallback font in case yours does not load.
  • All styling should be external. There are instances of in-line styling.
  • Don’t use the <br> tag to force spacing. Use margin and/or padding in CSS.
  • There are multiple instances where you use id's more than once. Each use of an id in your document should be unique.

thanks for the typo correction :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me improve, I fixed all the mistakes, and learned from them. :+1:

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Nice job! You may notice < > before the start of the first paragraph. You forgot to put the p in there.

Looking forward to seeing your next project.