Tribute page to review (Updated)

Finished at last.
Started yesterday with another theme and a more complex structure in mind, but i understood that it was a bit overwhelming and not what the challenge asked for.
So i woke up today, understood Bootstrap a bit better and started from scratch. Took me around 5 hours (including life distractions).
So nothing fancy, i skipped colors and such.
I am having a bit of trouble understanding about screen sizes and how the text should correspond as i increase/decrease my browser window for example.
Also the position of the is somewhat tricky, i couldn’t manage it completely.
Any help and corrections/suggestions appreciated. :upside_down_face:


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HERE is not an accessible link. The image is missing.

hmm… true about the image.
i repasted the same link and it shows normaly again.
what may cause this problem?

And by accessible you mean?

I have added ‘tabing’ to the HERE link

Nice page :smiley: you should try and minimise using several fonts on the same page though

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Still not accessible. You should consider a blind person with a screen reader.

Ah i see what you mean.
But i am doing the Front end certification Map. it didnt include this :confused:
Is the Map you ve linked another course or something? Is it more beginner friendly?
I see that is a Beta version of the site

I haven’t done it. It has more content than the normal course. The normal course you will have to do more research so I would recommend looking at the beta for extra information.
Each path leads to certificates so it doesn’t matter which path you take.

Makes sense… i did the courses on Codecademy beforehand, cause i felt the ones i did here lacked alot.
So i guess the Beta one is much better. How we were supposed to know this though? :confused: is it mentioned somewhere?
Anyway, thanks for the link, i will do these too.

Mentioned by Quincy in this forum.

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If you have time see it again :slight_smile:

Very good work :+1: Well done

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