Tribute page to Stan Lee. First HTML CSS project

Hello there, I have finished my FCC tribute page project and was looking for some feedback.
I’m just starting to learn HTML and CSS so this is a very simple tribute page.

Here’s the link to my tribute page.

Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day.

Update: Took ComposingCodes advice and updated the font for the title.

I love it!

I like how it looks.

The image was responsive for me.

This is was a very nice tribute to a creative hero.

Great job!

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:+1: If you want, maybe import a comic book like font off Google Fonts for the title. But this is a great tribute to a great man.

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Good job - it looks good.

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Thank you KoniKodes.

Thank you ComposingCode for the suggestion, I’ll look for a font on Google Fonts.

Thank you hasan79 for the feedback.