Tribute Page to Stephen Curry. Any feedback is much appreciated :)

A fine page, overall it’s a bit unrefined. It meets all the requirements of the page, but feels lacking. I’m going to be honest here since you asked for feedback, and keep in mind these are all just my opinions, but here we go on some things I think you could improve from the top of the page to bottom:

SCALING: mainly just add a max-width to your page, maybe try like 1000px to start

  • When you scale the page up the main body seems to get too wide which is a little awkward for a page

  • Also when scaled up the title block of his name and title are way too close to the content below them, adding padding/margin would really help that

  • When scaled up the summary to the right of the photo gets too spread out making it take very little vertical space compared to the photo next to it which looks awkward, making a max-width should fix this


  • Your timeline looks awkward centered, align it to the right side so all the years are lined up (and change the “2006-2009 college years” to just “2009 graduated lorem ipsum blah blah”)

  • The two link sections at the bottom seem really off… One is aligned left and one is aligned right… I’m not really sure what to suggest about that. Just that it looks off to me.

Take all my advice with a grain of salt, I’m no master. But those are just things that I think most people would agree should be changed.

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Hey Jon, thanks for the helpful comments. Now that I look back at it, I do agree that it looks awkward. I will consider ur suggestions when I come back to improve this on my free time. :smiley: