Tribute Page to "The Renaissance Man". Your feedback please! :)

I developed this Tribute page to Leonardo da Vinci. Most of the code in css is used from tutorials to which I’ve credited at the end of the web page.

Feedback from the freeCodeCamp community will be very valuable to me. Thank you.

Project Link -

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Hey man!!! Good job on the page!!!

I’d like to say that from a design viewpoint, I you did a great job!!! That is something I haven’t seen before. Good job incorporating a tutorial into your project!!!

But I have to say, from an informational standpoint, I did not like your website. It made me do a lot for the information on the page.

There is probably some point in the middle that incorporates your design element with being able to effectively and efficiently communicating the information you need to.

Good job taking the time to listen to a tutorial and incorporating that into your website. If you are able to do that often you will learn a lot and your websites will also look cool.

Keep up the good work!!!

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Thank you for the feedback ! @stefan-kenyon

I agree that I stuffed in lots of information there which tends to make the user scroll down a lot. I’ll remove some timeline cards to shorten the length. Also, I’ll add a quote at the end. Anyways I appreciate that you took your time to provide a detailed assessment. Kudos :+1: