Tribute Page to Zora Neal Hurston

Hi all,
I finished my tribute page and would love some feedback. Here is the link to my project.

Thanks so much!


Hey @stinatovar,
Welcome to the community.

Your project looks good considering this would have been your first project.

You have done well on the responsive part as well.
Keep going.
All the best :+1::100:.

Hi @aditya_p
Thanks for the feedback! It took me a bit to figure out the drop caps but now I know how to use another css trick.

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Good attempt. I am quite new too so I can’t give expert advice, but here’s some suggestion.

Add some padding to the header. Feels squashed. And the subtitles below the name, it is too far apart. Group them closer.

The page looks good on large screen but on small screen I would suggest reducing the padding/margin on the sides of the page. Phone screens are already small and the texts are squeezed even more. Another thing I noticed is there is no space between the lists. On large screens there’s a generous amount of space. Add some space between the lines.
Also, the header becomes bigger than the image on phones, looks odd. Make the header a bit smaller to give it better proportion.

But good job on the tribute page.

You can go to my tribute page if you are curious (feedback welcome):

Thanks @ericlyv!
Super constructive feed back. It’s so helpful to have someone else look at your projects after you’ve looked at it too long. This makes it so much easier to target focus my improvements.

I’m editing this to add my feedback. Your tribute page is well done. Nice layout, clean, easy to read, good accessibility color contrast and I like that you added a footer.

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Nice, responsive tribute page and a really interesting story. good job :+1:

Thank you @kudeh. I’m happy you read it. She’s one of my favorite authors.

This looks excellent! It looks like an article published at a major site.

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@stinatovar Great looking website. It looks professional. Great person for your tribute page too!
Here are some tips:

  1. In mobile view, you can increase the width of the content, probablly to about 96% to use the space better. In the dev tools, select mobile view, then select the iPhone 5 which has a tiny screen to look at your webpage. Try other phones too.
  2. You can increase the padding on the menu items in mobile view for people with large fingers.
  3. I feel the burgundy capital letter that start the beginning of the quote should be pushed up higher.
  4. The list items do not line up with the quotes, they lean further to the left-hand side than the quotes.
  5. Consider right aligning the blockquote-footer elements (opinion).
  6. Add a footer with a link to your website, so people can contact the person who made this awesome webpage.
  7. Bootstrap might not be necessary for a simple webpage like this. You could have built it with a little bit of CSS and HTML then the website would load even faster because it would not have to query the multiple CDNs.
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Thank you @TazExprez, for your kind compliment. :smiley:

Thank you @brandon_wallace for your detailed feedback. I made several changes today and it looks better. I appreciate your recommendations! :grin: