Tribute Page Trouble: Please support SOLVED. Thank you. <3

I’ve been trying to get an indent on my h4 element. My boyfriend and I have both looked at it, and tried multiple venues of fixing it. He had the idea of commenting it all out to see if it’s something else in the code that’s overriding it. If I put the margin-left: 75px; under the body in CSS, it works, but not if I put it under the h4.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

you forgot to close a bracket “}” after body element in you css file.


good catch @przemoo83

was just about to take a look as well… but you beat me to it :smiley:

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Thank yoooou! Sometimes we just need someone to check our blindspots. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Try this.

Thank you for showing me another way to do it. That’s similar to what I tried. I tried using the columns to make an indent, but that bracket was keeping me from moving h4 at all. Thank you.

No worries. I’m personally not a fan of H tags in general. I like to have more control.

I don’t think that the bracket was the problem as the CSS engine will fix that by its own. The issue here is that you apply SCSS/LESS rules to the body instead of pure CSS.