Tribute Page User Story #9 Centering Image

I know how to solve user story #9 but I need to know why my previous attempt didn’t work.

First I read this FreeCodeCamp article to find out how to center images.

Based on the article, I needed to put text-align: block in the div, which I did on line 10. in my CSS. So why doesn’t it pass the test for user story #9???

I ended up fixing the issue by adding margin: auto to the image, but only because I saw this answer on another forum post. However, I’d still like to know why the above didn’t work.

EDIT: here is the link to my codepen

Without seeing your code all anyone will be able to do is guess.

I know if you read the entire failing error message (not just the first line) it tells you to use the display property with a value of block. (an image is not text)
However, when you do that the same test will still fail but with a different message. And it’s this message where you will need to use the margin propery with the auto value.

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