Tribute Page website

I’ve completely reworked the tribute page into a website (link above) and am looking for feedback. Please let me know what I can improve on. This a complete revamp so I didn’t worry about following the “user story” requirements. Thank you all for your time.

My old tribute page looks like this btw:



Hi @Ernest!

Your tribute page looks amazing! Are you planning on revamping other projects too?


Yeah, slowly but surely I want to get them all redone.

You did a fantastic job with your revamped website! It’s a massive improvement from your previous website. I like how you’ve included a list of books and videos.

How did you make this website?

Hey thanks,

For the nav-bar I followed and slightly adapted this tutorial on youtube:

for the cards I played with and adapted this code:

In the bibiliography page I used css grid to get that responsive layout of the cards. More info on that here:

@Ernest Very professional looking.
One thing is that you should make your images responsive. It is easy to do.

Hey @Ernest
Great job with the Tribute Page. :slight_smile: