Tribute page, what do you think?

Hi everybody,

I finally completed my first project, and it passed the tests. At this point, feedback would mean a lot to me since I’m not really sure if anything I’m doing is right or am I just guessing correctly.


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I like the design!

One thing I noticed is your image caption text starts too early and is on top of the black box shadow. Try moving it to the right.


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Way to apply what what you’ve learned! It looks very nice keep up the good work :grin::+1:

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Thank you!

I’m not sure what’s happening there, to be honest - only think I could think of was to add left margin, but that line should be displayed below the image anyway.

Hi there, liking the look of the page :+1:

You’re not passing all the tests though…

1. The element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.
2. The element should be centered within its parent element.

It looks nice, unique.

I think you may have your opening <blockquote> in the wrong place. Take a look at this link,
Within codepen each of the sections (HTML, CSS and JS) have an arrow in the upper right. Click on it and then the respective ‘Analyze’ link. That’s how I noticed the blockquote anomoly.

In CSS you’re repeating one of your styles. The analyze link will show you. It’s not impacting anything right now but if you want to restyle that that border and do only the first one (because that’s the only one you believe you have) you’ll wonder why it’s not working as expected.

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Thanks for telling me about the “Analyze” option, that is exactly type of feedback I need right now! Fixed the errors, it was the tag that I used incorrectly, and the duplicate css.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my page!

I am getting 10/10 when testing in Chrome and Firefox, in MS Edge though now that I checked I score 9/10, with the “The element should be centered within its parent element.”

Why is this happening is somewhat beyond me, even though I’d like to know.

Hey again,

That’s really odd. I’m on Chrome (version 73.0.3683.103 bit) and it’s still showing as failing the test. Also tried on Firefox (66.0.2 64-bit) and it’s the same for me (on Windows 10). Strange!:thinking: