Tribute Page - When do we get the results?

Tell us what’s happening:

I would like to know if by uploading my project with the link like that:

it’s ok or do we need to create our own directory? Also, do we get any specific grade? because I’ve uploaded the project, but it doesn’t show as finished yet.

you need to use the provided test suite for automatic evaluation (at this time you pass only 1 of the 10 tests)

you also have not given the link to your own project, but only the pen to fork to get the test suite

once you have passed all the tests and are happy with it, you submit the project link in freecodecamp

if you want more feedbacks on how to make it better you write in the #project-feedback subforum


Thank you for your reply. I’ve done it, and when i did it, it showed me as 10/10.

do you mean this project link?

you can use pens to create your fcc projects - to have multiple codepen projects you need the premium account

I don’t see the test suite there tho, the link you submit should include the test suite

anyway projects are not graded, once you have completed it and submitted, you have completed the project and can go to next one

there may be random checks against plagiarism, to see that you are complying to the Academic Honesty Pledge

Thank you. So the way I’ve sent my project won’t influence negatively to get the final certificate, is that right? However, it would be better to send it with the test.