Tribute Page: why aren't the photos showing up?

I’ve put in the bones for my Princess Diana tribute page so it technically passes. As I’ve been filling in the muscle, I don’t understand why one picture shows up, but another doesn’t. Given that her life was very… photographed from the time she got engaged, I think images are important to this.

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your path to the img is not right

is this the img?

<img id="image" src="" alt= "Diana and Charles' official engagement portrait."</>

clos it right:
<meta: charset="UTF-8"</meta>

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You don’t need a head section at codepen as it’s done automatically but if you really want one then the correct meta code is <meta charset="utf-8">
Also don’t need body tags either, done automatically.
As @zaklina said image address not right. Easiest to copy the image address from source and paste it in then it’s hard to go wrong

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