Tribute Page - Why is it not passing the responsive image test?

Hi all. I previously achieved the FCC legacy front-end certificate, but never worked on the back end cert. Once FCC launched its new program, I came back to take the tutorials that didn’t exist the first time around, and I also decided to redo my projects.

I decided to use Bootstrap to do my new tribute page:

Problem is, the FCC test claims that the image is not responsive. It appears to be; when I resize the screen, the image resizes with it.

I’ve tried tweaking the Bootstrap classes, to no avail. I cannot figure out why it will not pass this particular test.

Did I do something wrong, or is this a bug?

I don’t know, I guess the Bootstrap is causing problems.

When I override the BS with:

#image {
  width: 80%;
  height: auto;
  max-width: 80% ;
  margin: auto;
  display: block;

it works.

Yep, that did it. I had wondered if it was choking on Bootstrap for some reason. Thanks!