Tribute Page - Will Smith

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I would like receive feedback, thanks!

IIt’s very impressive you’re using heroku! Moreover, i think you may work on the view a llittle. You have almost no content and the words are too small to read. It’s ok on mobile devices, but almost everything it’s to small on pc. I just finished mine too… Maybe you could make a review of it Tribute page Feedback - Canserbero

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Thank you, i will search more about text styles and ideal font sizes. Colors and Typography is a challenge for me.

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Same here. I’m more a backend type :sweat_smile: . In fact i’m working on a little tool to help people like us with that issue, but it’s kinda secret project by now :shushing_face: .

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I agree with your suggestion on adding some more content and about increasing the font at full size. Brief can be nice, but there is a lot to be said about Mr. Smith.

Nice page. I would put it in your portfolio and move on. There is some power to being brief. I don’t think that brief is the correct answer for this particular topic as Will Smith is an extremely active public figure. However, I would not let that stand in your way of moving on. Perhaps instead of adding more content making the pictures link to something. Stand by your point of “this is the three best” and let that content speak for itself.

Overall, :+1: move on.