Tribute Page--Would like feedback

I finished my Frank Ocean tribute page. Let me know what I could do to make it better/responsive. Thank you in advance!


Hey @cjgon123!

I think your page looks great! Just a couple of suggestions.

I like to use the smooth scroll feature in css.

html {

In codepen, you don’t have to include the head section because they take care of all that for you. If you want to include stuff in the head you can do it in the settings section.

As for responsiveness, I think it looks good. When it comes to the discography section maybe you could experiment with flexbox for that content. I think that will help with the layout for smaller devices.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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Thank you for the feedback & suggestions! Initially, I tried to incorporate flexbox in the Discography section but was having trouble with spacing it properly but I will look into it.

Very good work @cjgon123! I like it. Wish you good luck!

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@paulsonstech Thank you!!

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Your page came out nice @cjgon123. Something to revisit;

@Roma Thank you for the feedback!

You can add this to your css:

nav {
  position: sticky;
  top: 0;

So the navbar is gonna stick to the top while scrolling.

@bedward Thank you for the tip!

Hey @cjgon123,
I am very flattered to see a tribute page with a navigation bar that works very well.

In short, your work is clean apart from some errors already commented on, well done!

Frankly, I want to cheat your code a bit if possible. Good continuation. I like!

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