Tribute page "Your #image should be centered within its parent"

So I completed the project, got the check and all and then decided to style it and get the message " Your #image should be centered within its parent" .

the image is centered. when i passed the test css was llike so :

#image {display: block;
max-width: 100%;

now the page looks nice and everything is centered and all, but I cant complete the test lol…

here the link in my github:

Why do you need to pass the tests once more if you’re already passed it once?
Also, do you have this page on codepen by any chance? That would be more convinient in order to take a look

because it was just barbones, no styling, I wanted to get it as close to the example as possible :slight_smile:

This link provides an opportunity to create a new pen. That’s nice, but I was hoping to see your project there)

sri just created an acc, never used codepen ;0

Well, parent of your image is figure, right.

Figure has two children, image and figcaption.
And also figure is flex-container.

I guess issue has to do something with flexbox situation.

I don’t know… I suggest to wait for better advice than mine)

But what if hack it a little) Try to create some wrapper for image. So this wrapper will be a flex item, but image itself won’t)

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LOL, it worked…thanks man :smiley:

I was not expexting that at all)
Today I was messing around nested flexboxes + media queries. Apparently I’ve learned something :joy:

Apparently you did. Will mention you in my :smiley:

As you wish) Following you on GitHub btw

oh nice ! my first follower :D. do you have github page?

How do you think I am following without it? I am not sure if its possible) You can click on followers. Since I’m the only one, you’ll manage to find me)

lol again, I`m new to this so i don’t know the interface of github so well…but will do

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