Tribute Page: your opinions and suggestions

Hello fellow coders! I’v completed my Tribute Page project and am looking forward to your corrections, opinions and ideas. Any feedback is much appreciated.

  • Is it within the accessibility guidlines?

  • Is it too simplistic?

  • Is some code redundant? I have a feeling some of my CSS might be.

Nicolas, 17.

The webpage: JSFiddle
The code: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Hi Nicolas,
I just visited your Tirbute Page and I have to say it looks fantastic. although I have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, I was amazed by your work. I actually finished this project a few days ago to earn my certificate and I admit, I didn’t put this much work into it, just doing what the challenge wanted, like bare minimum :sweat_smile:. But you have done a great job. I am sure this must be easy for you because you already know much, but kodus man! Well done!
btw I am 17 too and yes FCC rocks!!

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Thanks for the encouragement! It’s also nice to meet someone my age doing the same stuff as I am. And really, I don’t know much HTML and CSS at all - I’m sure you know more than I do. I’ve only been learning since February, and that from the absolute basics. That’s why it took me over a week to make this. But I love the feeling when everything is finished and perfect, so…
Anyway, thank you so much for the kind words, fellow coder!


@hasanzaib1389 , @zuhameer6 , @michaelhenderson and @bbsmooth - you guys have helped me lot with your suggestions and corrections on my survey form project. Hope I’m not bothering you but just want to make sure you didn’t miss my post.


Very nice for the Start. Keep it up, happy Coding!

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Great job on it. Even though it looks simple, it looks good. Happy coding!

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