Tribute Page - Yuri Gagarin

Well, I’m redesign navigation and add some js to it, now you can close it just click on window or link items. Could you look it and give some feedback? Thanks.

I like it, nice job.

One option you may want to consider is resetting the animations when the user scrolls up so that they trigger again when scrolling down. To see what I mean you can look at the AOS lib. You may or may not like that, it’s just a suggestion.

Thanks you for this link, maybe i will use this method in my next project.

Good one.
Keep Going.
Video Background is good. Also try particle js instead of video.

Particle JS:

first of all great project bro, i wish i could creat that ! (started learning like a week ago)
if i had to give some points to improve i would:

  1. the name “yuri gagarin” takes too much time to animate .
  2. the nav bar is the same for desktop and and mobile(that 3 lines) maybe make for largers screens a normal menu so people dont have to click every time to get where they want to.
  3. i would prefer that the navbar wouldnt go fullscreen just scrolls down to show all options(for mobile),
    it blocks the content of your page .
  4. on 4k screens(tv’s) the website is not responsive. check on to see what i mean, if employer open this on his 4k tv in office his he wouldnt see a functional website.

number 4 is the most IMPORTANT .

great job and best of luck.

Hi, thanks for your feedback

Hello, thanks for link.

Wow! Beautiful work! Great job, Vis!!! :smiley:

Hi, thx for feedback)

Wow, that’s really nice! good job!

Hello, thank for feedback)

beautifull, i like the background with the space animation and the design is linked well to the topic
keep going :slight_smile:

как по мне выглядит довольно таки хорошо !