Tribute page Zbigniew Religa

hello there,

I was working on my FCC projects couple of months, Can somebody give me constructive critics, also I tried to make that page responsive on different devices, I think thats my weak point which I found in all project, Although I haven’t learnt bootstrap yet. Everything is in plain HTML and CSS.

Thank you very much;
Greeting from Bristol, UK

Heya :smile:, nice work on the page and I think the style suits the subject if you get me.

I do have a suggestion would be to maybe remove the bullet points from your list items. You already have the year standing out visually so the bullet points aren’t really needed.

I also have a tip about using Codepen for these projects. Everything that would normally go in the head section doesn’t actually go in to HTML editor when you use Codepen. Instead go to Settings > HTML > and you will see Stuff for head . You don’t need to declare body tags either, think of the HTML editor as being the body of the HTML page. Hope that made sense.

Overall well done and I look forward to seeing your next project :+1: