Tribute page21-project feedback

I made a tribute page on chatrapati shivaji mahraj now i want to you guys visit my project and give feedback

Hello welcome! I saw your project and I leave you the following tips:
-The title align it in the center.
-In the description of the tribute you could have used an element “p” instead of “h5”.
-In the link I see that the use of an “h4” was unnecessary, on the other hand “Wikipedia Entry” is not very accessible, try to improve it by a more descriptive phrase.
-Try to change the font family.
-Give a little more style, change the background color for example.
I hope my opinion serves you!


sure i will definitely try to fix that
thanks for feedback

Looks good!
It’s a small thing but you might consider:

  padding: 10px;
  padding: 10px;

Really just preference though :slight_smile:

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okay i will …
bytheway thanks for feedback ^-^

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Hi @sammm29!

I think it would be nice if you put the picture always on a way that the user don’t need to scroll the page to see it all. Like adding:

max-height: 70vh;

for example.

sure i will do it bro…
thanks for feedback buddy… :slightly_smiling_face:

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