Tribute passed but doesn't show taken

Hi, I have completed the Tribute task, showing 100% correct, but when i look at my task bar it doesn’t show that i’ve done the exercise. Do I need to do something else?

When you run the tests on the Tribute Page, if you pass all the tests a modal will appear. Press “Submit” on that modal to complete the Tribute Page.

thanks, i did that, but it still has an open “radio” button on the list of tasks to complete. (i take a little pride in now knowing those are called “radio” buttons :slight_smile:

I think i have an even bigger problem: when i open the task i was never given a link to page. i had to look on a youtube video to see that’s where the project was to be completed. i have looked several times at the original instructions and there is no link. now im even more confussed.

you don’t need to complete on codepen, you need to use the editor in freeCodeCamp, following the given instructions

Make sure you use the Submit button in the modal! Otherwise the project is not marked as complete

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