Tribute Project by Preeti Rajak

Hello! I am a beginner in coding and want some feedback on my first project. I am learning code by myself, so i’ll appreciate all good and not-so-good feedbacks. The link is here :-

Hey @preetirajak333 ! Give yourself a pat on the back on completing your first project on FCC. Here are my thoughts

One of the core aspects of building a website is the layout or say how you are able to visualize and breakdown different parts of the page into sections.

So to improve your understanding of layouts,start by avoiding the usage of grid /flexbox (can use after you are comfortable with layouts) and experiment with giving elements their width in percentages and see how each elements sit in the DOM. Then think of ways of how you can position them the way you want it. Also think about how you can make your site mobile-responsive, that way you will understand why things work the way they do.

Also I recommend more CSS to make it look aesthetically pleasing.Try to replicate a design from the internet without looking at their code and that will get your brain thinking !

This was my first FCC project :

Nevertheless,a very good beginner project. Cheers and Keep Coding ! :slight_smile:

I am sure this advice will help me alot. And I will surely implement it. I need such advices because i have no teacher to guide me. So such advices mean alot! Thank you :blush:

Sure ! I have learnt via the open community and I am sure you can too.Hit me up if you need help :slight_smile:

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