Tribute project feedback. Can you help me pls?

Hello. And thank you for reading this topic. I just finished freecodecamp first subject “responsive web design” and started my first project, I thought I was going well with the lessons but although I could match the project requirements my project is full of issues. I would be very grateful If you could help me to fix the code, the things like resizing and animation.

Thanks again.

Hey @azraelvecchio!
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I think your page looks good.

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Hi @azraelvecchio!

Welcome to the forum!

I think your page looks good.

  • You are currently failing one test. Open up the test suite to find which one that is.

  • Please review the lesson on given links meaningful text. This is in regards to the link at the bottom “See more here”

  • In codepen, you do not need to include things like html, head and title tags. That is taken care of for you by codepen. If you need to add links in the head section there is a space for that in the html settings.

  • So there is a little bit of a horizontal scroll bar. It is more noticeably on smaller devices.

I haven’t personally used css animation because I always just used animate.css. CSS tricks has a great article on how to use css animations that could help.


Thank you! I tried my best to make it look a bit acceptable

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Hello. Thank you, your review helped a lot. I didn’t notice that I was failing one test because of some feature of the animation. I fixed the the horizontal scroll bar and improved the link description. The animation guide you gave is also very helpful, I’ll sure use It.