Tribute Project Feedback if possible!

I’ve spent a while on this. I know the code is a bit messy but I did it all myself. I’ve gotten a bit used to it, so I’m intending to put all the elements in a fresh codepen and start again as I’m sure some code is redundant. Looking for general feedback. It looks how I have planned it to look. I’m wondering why the divs containing the album covers is not page wide. Also is there a way to set a min and max on responsive images. The page scales nicely down to about 500px…then the images stay at a set width. (they’re not responsive as I have set “max-width” somewhere. I want responsive images that scale but stop at a certain size. Is this possible? Or do I have to just create images of the size I need in an image editor.

Also , this is work in progress. I’m intending to get to grips with bootstrap’s layout features so any ideas about a further section to add or something?
This is my first one and has taken me ages!!

See the Pen Tribute project for Free Code Camp by Kilburn Spider (@KilburnSpider) on CodePen.

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