Tribute! Project Feedback

Hey everyone, just finished my tribute page.

How bad is my first project ?

I think it looks good! A couple things that stood out to me when looking at it:

  • The paragraphs might be easier to read if their width was smaller on a full screen . Try the width of the initial “hr” tag or so and see how that looks.

  • Additionally, longer paragraphs might look better with text-align: left

  • I read this in a book called “Don’t make me think” which is about UI but the author suggests that section headings be closer to the paragraph or section they are regarding instead of evenly spaced between whats above it and whats below it . Not a big deal but it’s the little things sometime.

I’m new at this too so obviously you don’t have to listen to anything I’m saying but those are just my initial impressions.

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Thank you so much for your feedback, am totally OK with your answer, i will try to do better

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