Tribute Project ... lorem ipsum?

I’m working on the tribute project. I have created my layout, there may be some minor changes though. My main question is, is it acceptable to use lorem ipsum filler text?

I feel I’m ready to move forward. If I put content I don’t want to do poor quality and feel that I would need to do full and accurate research, attribution and licensees. I had my foundation of layout done in a short time but have spent hours doing my research.

What are your thoughts?

Status: Beginning rough draft.

Technically you’ve met the user story requirements. Since you’ve started making the tribute project about something, I wouldn’t just Lorem Ipsum parts of it. Just pasting in a couple Wikipedia snippets would work.

Indeed…dont stress over the content of the Tribute page, its supposed to be really simple basic info, the focus of the project is not research, but on coding and layout. Maybe just find some basic info on wiki for now facts and figures like population, national language, flag, etc…just basic things for content, so that you can work on the purpose of the project, which is development.

And then, as time goes by you can always come back to it to fill it out with more information. But yeah, dont find other tasks to do to deflect from the task at hand and the purpose of this project, which is to work on those coding skils :smiley: