Tribute Project:love to hear some feedback

The link to the tribute page is:

I would love to hear from you guys…how can i enhance it…what else could i have done…anything and everything…:slight_smile:



Good Job!

You have used Jquery also so i assume you have some Jquery knowledge. That’s good.

  1. You can improve the layout and the design here. Also the font is not easily readable, so you can use some serif fonts for good readability. Font that you have used in the body text can be used for the headings.
  2. The bottom button seems out of place so that can be aligned better.
  3. And mostly it doesnot look like a complete page but only separate elements placed on the page, so you need to create some layout to arrange the elements better.

Those are few of the suggestions. Keep moving forward!


Thanx a lot…:slight_smile:

Will keep all the points in mind and definitely apply them…:slight_smile:

not many remarks here, I just had trouble reading the sentences because of the background color, it really hurt my eyes to read that way. But that could just be me.
The page seems adapted to smaller screens and it does look good.
thumbs up.


Changed the background…:smiley:

I also thought so!

Blue is your fav color it seems :slight_smile:

now it’s really good readable, congrats