Tribute project of mine

Hello guys,
before posting here, I ve checked some posts below, and I ve seen some magnificent craftsmanship, and I decided to remade my tribute project and decided to wait till tomorrow. Buuut, I couldnt sleep so just decided to post it.

Please roast me up If its necessary, I m gonna need it because there are some parts in my project that I ve no idea how it worked

-Ladies and Gentlemen, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Most Beloved post-Impressionist Painter: Vincent van Gogh;

Hi @salvagedscrap !

Congrats on finishing your tribute page!

Just a couple of things.

The text for me is a little hard to read because you have a dark background with black text.

This is not the correct use for br tags


I would get rid of your br tags and use css for spacing.

Here is the correct way to use br tags from the docs.

In codepen, you don’t need the doctype, head, html or body tags.
That is already built in with codepen.

It looks like you are missing some semicolons in your css.

Whenever you finish projects, it is always best to run your code through html validator and css codepen analyzer just to make sure everything is correct.

Hope that helps!

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I should ve use some margins with it for sure, just found out now, will check for semicolons as well

That helped me a lot, thank you for being kind and helpful :slight_smile:

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