Tribute Project V.2: The Fourth Doctor

Greetings all:

After a month more of experience, I have decided to take a second shot at the Tribute Page project,
this time using the fourth doctor character of the British science fiction series Doctor Who as subject matter.
I am specifically trying to overcome some past weaknesses from previous projects with this version.

Please let me know ups, downs, areas of good, needed areas of improvement, or any other points on it you may wish. Thank you for your time in advance

Dwayne Brock
AKA Turing Monkey on Twitter

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Nice job. Looks good to me. Maybe change the border/background of the image to something a little more eye catching. Tardis blue with a white trim perhaps.

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Remove redux from the project feedback title, people (like me) might think it is a redux project (i.e. react state manager.

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Interesting what you don’t know sometimes. Thank you for the advice.


I go back and forth which background image to use.

Thank you for giving it a look.

It’s a nice looking page @dwaynebrock, I don’t see any issues with it.

Fan of the show but I didn’t start watching it until I stumbled upon it with the 9th Doctor.

Thank all of you for looking my page over. I will ever strive to keep improving.


It looks great. Semantically main is the main content and footer comes after </main>. That doesn’t mean it can’t look exactly the same, if you change the order of the tags, if that’s what you want.

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Thank you for your response. I will take a look at changing this tomorrow. I will also need to change some CSS code to go along with it, it looks like.