Tribute project

Hey everyone I just finished my first project! Not the most visually appealing but at least it works haha!
The whole process was super fun, I came across one of those programming moments where suddenly the code is working and you have no idea how. I’m not too sure if I overused searching answers on Google, I’d constantly be looking at w3schools. How often should I use Google to troubleshoot or is better to try my best in figuring it out on my own?

Here it is in all it’s glory:

The trickiest part was remembering to write color and not colour :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice :slight_smile:

You should reconsider the text colours you’re using, as they are hard to read. I recommend getting a color picker to sample a light blue from the image for your text. The colour #6BCAD6 works well for your heading…

I use this for my colour picker: