Tribute Question

In the video explanation for the Tribute, he specifically shows that he only used css for setting top-margin and has no other css/js. In viewing other people’s Tributes, I see a whole mess of css used and some with js. So, am I supposed to use css or not? Seems kindof strange that the video would state specifically that it was done entirely with bootstrap, if that was not what we are supposed to do at this stage?

The example only happened to use just bootstrap plus a bit of custom CSS. You can be creative with how you make your tribute page. Go ahead and add all the CSS and/or JS you want :wink:

I haven’t watched the video, but I guess they meant to show that with Bootstrap you don’t need much styling for your page to look nice. But you can use as much CSS/JS as you want, though it is not necessary.

Alright, thanks. Sometimes directions for things limit you to one tool for a specific purpose that helps your skills develop in some way. Wasn’t sure if this was the case.

As you go deeper and deeper, you can come back to your tribute page, and make changes. it is true, in video he said to work only html and bootstrap…i was confused, same, and send link with only html and bootstraps things…it is not so nice, but code is correctly :smiley:

The Tribute project details have changed since the video was recorded. Originally the project description talked about replicating the sample tribute page without looking at the code. Sometime afterwards, FCC changed it a bit to allow more freedom and, I think, to help spot cheaters. Also When this was first launched, FCC was focusing more on teaching Bootstrap. In the near future they will be focusing on teaching Flexbox and the CSS Grid once the beta site is launched. Also currently FCC uses CodePen a lot. In the future they will have their own Codepen-like feature on FCC and will accept non-codepen urls.

I had originally started this a while back, took a sideroad via some Udemy courses, and when I came back noticed it was a bit different than when I started. Mine was basically a clone of the sample page but with my subject.