Tribute - Steely Dan

Here is my tribute page: The Music of Steely Dan.

WOW, This page went through many iterations.

It started off as the just jQuery Discography part at the bottom. Then I finally put together a timeline, a “Who is Steely Dan?” Section, and many MANY changes to how the tags within the page are setup.

I know my code is messy at the moment, Especially the jQuery. I wanted to approach the coding of this project simply from “How do I get it to work” perspective. If anyone has suggestions to make the code more efficient, I would like to pointed in the direction to find the answer rather than “Change this, with this”.

If anyone has blatant advice about design, I am very open to it! I have always found the hardest part of Web Design is the “Design” aspect. I can code a page to do what I want it to, but the page usually ends up being very simplistic / minimalist. Which isn’t bad if that is what you / the client is looking for, but doesn’t really add a WOW factor to a portfolio.

I’m guessing I need to code more pages to get an idea of how “I” design things Vs. judging the aesthetics of other pages to my pages. Of course, that’s a habit I need to get out.

Hi, nice job! One thing I would suggest is to remove the
tags around line 23 in your html code. I think the div tags take care of the line breaks there, so it looks the same without the

I also have difficulty with design too; it’s one of those things where you have to constantly look at different sites to get a feel of what works and doesn’t work. I really like Smashing Magazine for design and css information. They have other things too, but I tend to look through it for ideas. :smiley:

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