Tribute & Survey Form projects - Need your feedback 🌞

Hi all !

After a few days of work, I’ve finished my first two projects, and I would really appreciate your feedback :smiley:

Links down :arrow_down:

Thanks !

Tribute page
Survey form

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Very cool survey form! I like the way how you made the page scroll. :fist_right: :high_brightness: :fist_left: By the way, have you learned how to program somewhere already?

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Thanks ! Yes I already made some personal projects, but it was the first time I was using the clip path property. Was a bit tricky but it’s full of possibilities :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forums @Frnalex. Your pages look good. Some things to revisit;
tribute page

  • passes 8/10 user stories

survey form

  • in CSS your stars class declaration has a duplicate z-index that could affect how you want it to display
  • from line 68 <select class="input" id="most-like" name="mostLike" class="form-control" required>
    This is not the correct way to define two classes
  • make the form responsive. It falls apart on smaller screens

I’ll fix these mistakes, thanks for that !

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