Tribute task feedback please give your thoughts on this project. it isnt really that good

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The problem is mostly with the image, really. If you resize the width of your browser, the image stays in the same place, since you placed it at a fixed margin. It doesn’t really center.
And maybe the text-smaller part could have some margin or padding at the top. Or any other way to get a few more pixels space between that text and the image.

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Could you maybe try to do the same thing without using Bootstrap? I think that it’d be better for you if you’d try to stick with vanilla CSS for this first project. And if you have any troubles whatsoever feel free to message.

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Try using some div tags to make the layout work a bit better. Perhaps add a bit of margin between some elements?

I’d suggest using the quote and cite tags for the quote at the top of the page, and a span tag with css to italicise the text, rather than em tags.

Also, the task specifically states to add the target="_blank" attribute to the link at the end of the page.

One question, how do you center images im having trouble with that.

I did not see that attribute what would that do to the link? Also could you explain quote span and cite tags more so i can start using them thanks

How do you center images, im having trouble any advice would help thanks

There’s a page on W3Schools about centering an image. Or these tips and tricks.

If you don’t know how to do things, there’s no shame in Googling, or looking it up in W3Schools or MDN. You are not expected to know or remember it after only seeing/reading it once :slight_smile:

forgot google was a thing, haha, thank you